The benefits of garlic
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The benefits of garlic

Garlic is often used as a seasoning, but it has also been used for many years to maintain health. For example, she already made use of it in ancient Egypt (circa 3200 to 343 BC). For example, remains of garlic have been found in tombs.


The benefits of garlic

Garlic contains allicin, which is a powerful antioxidant and has an antimicrobial effect. This has a positive effect on both humans and animals.

We can attribute these effects to allicin:

  1. To support the immune system; the natural resistance is essential for overall health!
  2. Good for the blood circulation of organs and tissues
  3. Good for heart and blood vessels
  4. Good for cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
  5. Good for digestion; = the cradle of the immune system
  6. Good for the intestinal flora; bowel function and bowel movements
  7. For a vitalizing effect on the entire body and therefore gives more energy
  8. The constant clearing effect of stabilized allicin in the body is good for health

A recent surge in the popularity of alternative medicine and natural products has renewed interest in garlic and their derivatives as potential natural remedies.

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