Rabbit dental care

Rabbit dental care

Care of the teeth
Many irritations to your rabbit's teeth can be prevented. Provide sufficient gnawing opportunities and sufficient hay at all times. By gnawing, rabbits ensure that the teeth remain in good condition and many problems are prevented.
In addition, check your rabbit's teeth regularly. Of course you cannot see everything, but by regularly looking carefully at the teeth you will notice any abnormalities more quickly.

Dental problems
Below are some of the most common problems:
  • Elephant teeth - the lower teeth continue to grow and cause problems. Whether your animal suffers from elephant teeth is easy to see: the lower teeth are extremely long. Usually this is because the upper and lower incisors are no longer on top of each other and therefore no longer wear down.
  • Abscess – when a tooth breaks off or a tooth root becomes inflamed, things can become inflamed. An abscess develops, which can cause the animal a lot of pain. An abscess should be treated in time to prevent a lot of pain and worse problems.
How do I recognize dental problems?
Problems with the teeth usually reveal themselves in changes in eating habits. Your rabbit will eat less or may even refuse to eat. Acting quickly is especially important with a rabbit that is no longer eating. Consult a veterinarian immediately and indicate what the complaints are. You will then be able to come by quickly.
Elephant teeth are easily identified by the very elongated lower incisors. The upper and lower incisors are no longer on top of each other. Action is also needed now. Don't cut yourself!

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