How to wash a horse
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How to wash a horse

Coat care

It is often enough to brush your horse daily with a curry brush to remove the dirt, sand, dried sweat and other dirt from the horse's coat. Brushing the horse also has many more advantages, because the muscles are also massaged a bit and this stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

Now it is true that in warmer periods the horse has to be washed more often. Because your horse sweats a lot more then. It certainly does not hurt to rinse your horse daily during this period. Rinsing with water does not affect the natural protective layer of the coat. If residual sweat is not properly removed, it can later cause irritation and chafing on the skin. Do not wash the horse's coat too often with shampoo, as this makes the coat a bit dull (because it removes the natural oils from the skin). Instead of shampoo, use a refreshing spray that masks the unpleasant odors. This cares for the horse's coat and also ensures that the skin remains in balance in a natural way.

Washing the mane and tail

Only wash the tail if this is really necessary, i.e. if the tail is dirty. Subsequently, an anti-tangle spray can ensure that the tail remains easy to comb and that the hair does not break off when the horse wags the tail to chase away flies. Do you ever braid your horse's hair? Occasionally this can do no harm, but make sure that the hair is not braided during the racing season, because it is then difficult for the horse to wave the flies away.

What is the best way to wash your horse?

Try to wash the horse with lukewarm water, especially if you have a washing area that is not heated. This way you prevent your horse from catching a cold during washing and standing still for a long time. For that reason, do not wash the horse on cold days, but clean it thoroughly with a curry brush and, where there are stains, process this with a special stain remover. Rinsing on hot days is no problem. Make sure that you always dry the horse thoroughly with a sweat scraper and do not put it in a draft when it has been washed. It is best to let the horse walk dry and if you had to wash your horse in the winter and you have access to a solarium, that would be a good way to conclude the washing ritual!

We always recommend washing with a mild shampoo, which is specially made for horses.


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