Tips for taking care of a puppy

Tips for taking care of a puppy

Provide a calm environment
A young puppy wants to discover the world, it is important to build this up gradually so that they do not become too anxious and they get to know their familiar environment at their own pace. So always let them sniff around often and for a long time so that they get used to the environment. Always stay with this too, so they can always come to you for comfort.

Make sure your puppy is potty trained
You can do this by letting your puppy out every two hours during the first weeks or before and after every activity (meal, bedtime and play). Then reward your dog if he does his business in the right place. When the puppy squeaks a lot, it may be that he needs to pee or defecate. So keep an eye out for this.

Do you have a puppy with a sensitive stomach and intestines? This is more common. The digestive tract of young dogs is still developing and therefore extra sensitive to disturbances. It is therefore extra important to give your puppy the right food during this period.

Make sure you have everything you need for your pup
It is important that your puppy knows from the start where he can sleep, eat, drink and play. So make sure you have all these necessities at home, or take over items from the previous owner, such as a favorite toy, so that the transition goes smoothly.

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